Task 1

Governance and structure of the project

Leading Institutions INGV+ZAMG

The consortium is made up of 15 institutions spanning Europe from N to S and from W to E. Most of them are involved in 24/7 monitoring activities of Geophysical and Hydrometeorological.
The work is subdivided into 5 tasks and each has with two leaders.

The overarching end of Task 1 is the management of the project from technical, administrative, and financial points of view, with the final goal of delivering the ARISTOTLE pilot project on time and within budget.


As the ARISTOTLE pilot project includes numerous and diverse communities across many countries, the strategic management of the activities to guide the consortium toward the implementation of the services for ERCC is crucial. The objectives of task 1 can therefore be summarized as follows:

  1. enable an effective and efficient project management which assures fulfilling the completion of the pilot project activities;
  2. operate an adequate risk management process, including taking corrective steps for services which are not adequately progressing;
  3. act as connection and help establishing the bridges between task and the final user ERCC, bridging with JRC.