Task 4

Provision of a 24/7 monitoring and analytical service to the ERCC for the selected hazards covering at a minimum the UCPM countries and EU neighbourhood

Leading Institutions: UKMO + INGV

The scientific products are all collected and made available to all HLs and HMs on a Scientific Products Archiving and Document Assembly (SPADA) simple IT platform.

T4 Objective 1 – To implement a monitoring and analytical service for ERCC with a 24/7 operation for the Earthquakes (Tsunami’s), Volcanic Ash / Gas, Severe Weather & Flooding

The monitoring service will cover at a minimum UCPM countries, countries neighbouring the EU (and specified in the Technical Specification) and when necessary will also provide the ERCC with information in respect of global hazards as required. The global monitoring is already routinely made for earthquakes and tsunamis, and at least for major events reports are already prepared for national civil protections or in the context of informal services such as GTIMS. Thus, at least for some of the hazards considered, the transition to a global service for ERCC will be very smooth.

Task 3 will define the working methodology for all hazards (both Geophysical & Hydrometeorological) which will then be implemented in Task 4.

T4 Objective 2 – To evaluate service delivery in a pre-operational mode

A key objective for Task 4 is to undertake a process evaluation in the three months leading up to the start of the operational delivery phase to ERCC. This will provide the opportunity with both the partnership and ERCC to test, review and enhance operational delivery prior to ‘go live’ of the formal pilot phase. Ad hoc scenarios will be used together with possibly occurring real events in the evaluation phase.

T4 Objective 3 – Provision of services (24/7 alerting and analysis activities)

In Task 3 Multi-Hazard partnership will have worked with ERCC to pre-defined thresholds for the issue of warnings in respect of specific hazards, Task 4 will implement the process for issuing these alerts within the pre-agreed time threshold. Task 4 will also see the Multi-Hazard partnership provide additional information to ERCC or request and also as appropriate provide early warning information to ERCC in order to support pre event planning.

T4 Objective 4 – To agree the process and terms of reference and funding for transitioning the service into full operational capability beyond the end of the 24 month pilot (subject to agreement and approval of ERCC)

Task 4 delivers and evaluate an Operational Prototype. However, a number of important steps will still be required before the service is ready to transition into a fully (and funded) operational service. Therefore, towards the later part of the project the T4 will look to identify the next steps and agree a process with both the ERCC and partners to enable a seamless transition into a fully operational service should one be required by the ERCC, and its future sustainability. Subject to these agreements, the realisation of this objective will enable the pilot service to be fully transitioned into a fully operational service at the completion of the pilot project.